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CHF 676.88


Logitech PTZ Pro 2

Logitech® PTZ Pro 2 camera delivers premium
optics and life-like video calls to create the
experience of sitting together in the same
room, even if you are a thousand miles away.
It sets a new standard for high-quality,
professional video with brilliantly sharp image
resolution, outstanding color reproduction,
and exceptional 10x HD zoom.

Performance enhancements in the PTZ Pro 2
camera include smoother pan and tilt motion
and more consistent focus during zoom.
The camera features lenses designed and
manufactured by Logitech and engineered to
provide unparalleled sharpness, color rendition,
and speed in a variety of lighting conditions.

At half the price of comparable models, PTZ Pro 2
is the smart choice for large conference rooms,
auditoriums, classrooms, healthcare settings, and
other professional environments where clear, highresolution video is a must.