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Logitech Tap Accessories

With its 10.1” touch screen, Logitech Tap brings
friendly touch controls to compatible video
conferencing and collaboration applications.
And thanks to a range of mounting and cabling
options, you can integrate and secure Tap
in almost any room, with the meeting room
computer safely out of the way.
Designed for conference room tables with
grommets, the Table Mount secures Tap in place
while maintaining a low profile. For larger rooms, 
choose the Riser Mount, which raises Tap from
14° to 30° for better visibility from across the
room. Both mounts support through-grommet
cabling for a clean appearance and swivel 180° for
convenient operation from both sides of the table.
In hallways and smaller rooms, choose the Wall
Mount for stand-up operation and to preserve
table space. Tap is even designed with a 100mm
VESA pattern for compatibility with thousands of
third-party mounts and accessories.

Wherever you install Tap, the in-wall rated
Logitech Strong USB cable offers convenient
and robust cable routing. Available in 10 and 25
meter (32.8 and 82 ft) lengths, Logitech Strong
USB offers up to 5x the length of ordinary USB
cables so you can mount Tap and the meeting
room computer almost anywhere. And because
Logitech Strong USB is aramid-reinforced,
plenum-rated, and Eca certified, you can
hide cabling in walls, above ceilings, or within
standard ¾” conduit.