Microsoft Electronic Software Delivery (ESD)

What is ESD?

Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) is a digital delivery of a product key directly to consumers and small businesses via resellers, retailers and e-tailer partners.


Key features of ESD

  • 24/7 availability of the product
  • Secure and seamless delivery in a few minutes
  • Product is ready for use immediately after digital delivery
  • All benefits of a Box product.


Business opportunity for resellers 

  • Higher long-term profitability vs Box software
  • Quick costless delivery and no stocking expenses
  • Fast access to the product 
  • Full assortment of premium Microsoft SKUs without old stock issues
  • Cross sell and up-sell with hardware devices
  • Digital products bring the opportunity for extended digital marketing
  • Online ordering and automated processing allow to run sales on 24/7 mode


End user benefits

  • End user will receive email from Microsoft with product key and link to download the product image
  • All benefits of Box product
  • No physical media, purchased content available via direct download
  • The product license can be moved to the new PC or Mac
  • Software can be instantly activated after purchase 


Automated End-to-End process.

How it works